Selected as a Women in Analytics viz competition finalist!

I was incredibly excited to receive the email that let me know that my visualization, Traveling with Michelle in 2017 that I made in December, was selected as a finalist in the Women in Analytics Data Visualization Competition! 10 finalists were selected to participate in an online voting competition, and the top 5 will then compete at the conference which I plan on attending either … Continue reading Selected as a Women in Analytics viz competition finalist!

Makeover Monday Week 3-2018

For a quick chart, I figured I would tackle Makeover Monday Week 3 of 2018, a week late but better late than never! For this week, we looked at the income distributions per state. We have a couple of data point options: there were the percentage of households in each income distribution, per state, per year. For many of the Makeover Monday participants, charts were … Continue reading Makeover Monday Week 3-2018

Visualizing the Growth Rates of Algae

For Reddit’s r/dataisbeautiful DataViz Battle for January, the challenge was to visualize the growth rates of algae. The data set we received was a table from AQUATEXT, which has the growth rates for different types of marine algae at different light intensities and temperatures. I struggled with this data because I didn’t find a strong story that could be told. Out of the other entries in the … Continue reading Visualizing the Growth Rates of Algae

Aircraft Incidents from 1978-2016

Since this year has been reported as one of the safest for commercial airlines, for the January #swdchallenge at storytelling with data, I wanted to look at other types of airline incidents. Using data from the Federal Aviation Administration, I downloaded the incident report data from 1978-2016 and began exploring the data in Tableau. I started with plotting the number of incidents, and then I decided … Continue reading Aircraft Incidents from 1978-2016

Thoughts on Layouts

When I create dashboards for my clients, the biggest layout concern is to make sure the dashboard isn’t larger than their screen. Occasionally I have issues where my text is too big to fill the container – in these cases, Tableau usually replaces my text with ‘…’ when the dashboard is automatically resized. With my clients in the past, it is always a safe bet … Continue reading Thoughts on Layouts

Makeover Monday Week 50-2017

In an effort to improve my data visualization skills, I decided to make a new year resolution to start participating in #MakeoverMonday, a weekly challenge to remake a chart to either retell the story or find something new to share. For my first challenge, week 50 was to makeover a map showing Barrier Free Buildings in Singapore. I spent a lot of time trying to … Continue reading Makeover Monday Week 50-2017